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About us

For over twenty years we have been working in the automotive industry. We collaborate with many tuning companies and lacquer shops.
The results of our work are projects that are uncommon and rare, and during their usage they caused much controversy and many smiles on the faces of people who were involved in their construction.
Our satisfaction and joy grows when another vehicle leaves our company and is met with full recognition from growing group of satisfied customers, in Poland and abroad.


We carry out restoration of cars from the Volkswagen group, in particular we specialize in the VW Transporter.
In our offer you will find, among other cars, tourist type of Caravan, VW stretch-limousine, car carriers, VW trailers, and a wide range of renovation jobs of the vehicles.
For each project individually, we will happily advise you on the choice of painting, upholstery fabrics and other elements of your car.
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tel. +48 509-772-220
Kąpino, ul. Jaworowa 1
84-200 Wejherowo
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